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Did you know fewer than 1 in 1,000 people have ever been coached? Because of this, it can be one of the most misunderstood fields. My good friend Kary Oberbrunner made a great list of definitions of other experiences often confused with coaching:

  • Teaching: Sharing information
  • Mentoring: Sharing experience
  • Training: Sharing skills
  • Consulting: Sharing advice
  • Counseling: Leading a client from dysfunctionality to functionality

So what is coaching? Coaching involves leading coachee from functionality to potentiality. A strategic alliance is formed between a coach and a coachee in order to achieve maximum level of success.

With this definition in mind, I offer three levels of coaching support. These appointments can be in person or via phone/video. Often a combination of both can maximize effectiveness.

1. Individual Coaching

Looking to solve a problem, see improvement, or develop an opportunity? Want to get where you’re going faster and with more confidence? Individual coaching provides a one-on-one, private experience that serves to accelerate progress.

When I am working with you individually, it’s my objective to help you reach your purpose, vision, and goals by working through the areas that you are committed to pursue. Together, we will create a strategic, powerful plan for you to gain clarity through a weekly process that includes interaction and accountability.

2. Group Coaching

Group coaching is ideal for people pursuing the same concern or coming from the same roles in an organization. Broader in its nature than individual coaching, the group coaching process leverages time and resources while adding a dimension of peer learning.

When working in a group setting, the combined input enriches the results and develop solutions that are above and beyond what any individual alone can create. Similar to a think tank, the bond formed within the group empowers each individual’s development in a safe environment that still engages the group as a whole.

3. Coaching and Training

After participating in a training, the desire to make changes can be strong. People experience a jump-start through a workshop or training, and follow-up coaching can be key to keeping these goals alive in the weeks that follow. Shorter in nature, this coaching is usually designed to follow up on the initiatives created during the training.

Custom Coaching Plans

Interested in group coaching for your workplace and individual coaching for yourself? Wondering about on-site coaching versus coaching done via video technology? I offer custom coaching plans to best fit your needs. Fill out the contact form and explain your situation in the comment box to get started.

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