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If there’s one thing I’ve learned to appreciate over more than two decades of self-employment, it’s connection.

You can’t have great sales, strong processes, or predictable profits without committed team members who can connect and lead one another as well as customers. That’s why I’ve built my business around helping others foster connection.

Connection is built on trust, and for most workplaces, building trust is the real challenge. Every team has its own history, its own unspoken reality. Most team members know what the problems are but don’t know how to talk about them or don’t feel like they can.

That’s why I created Trudy Menke – Reframing Leadership: to unravel that ambiguity so individuals can build trust, really connect, and move their mission forward with more confidence, passion, and momentum.

Trudy Menke – Reframing Leadership encourages you to go outside of the executive suite to empower people at all levels. With a focus on communication and a passion for people, I’ve partnered with the very best to bring the strongest approach to your business.

Certifications & Partnerships

Maxwell Leadership Certified Team

As a 2011 Founding Member and Executive Director on the internationally recognized Maxwell Leadership Certified Team, I have the authority to use exclusive Maxwell content for my clients.

John Maxwell is a recognized front runner in all things leadership, publishing over 80 books on such subjects as leadership, attitude, communication, relationships and equipping. Maxwell has been recognized by both Inc. magazine as the #1 leadership expert in the world and by the American Management Association as the top leader influencing business.

As a certified, founding member of Maxwell team, I have access to premium resources from which to access programs and build learning opportunities customized for my clients. This partnership allows me to continue to develop as a trainer, facilitator, and a coach to provide time-tested leadership training and development.

Everything DiSC

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My partnership with Everything DiSC allows me to better understand and explore all levels of communication and behavior.

Everything DiSC, a Wiley brand, dates back to the earliest years of assessment tools. Today, it’s a third-generation application that combines online assessment, classroom facilitation, and post-training follow-up reporting to create powerful, personalized workplace development experiences. An online platform, knows as Catalyst, allows for a learn and return approach that takes the training beyond the classroom and into their day-to-day experiences.

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

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For team development and growth, I have also earned certification with The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, stemming from the work of Patrick Lencioni. This in-depth facilitation allows teams to identify the best ways to build through trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results.

The 6 Types of Working Genius

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The Working Genius assessment is 20% personality and 80% productivity. People who understand their genius show up to work happier, are more effective, and play well with others. Certified Facilitators are equipped to analyze and apply results to help individuals and teams leverage Working Genius to be more innovative, strategic, and effective.

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